Protecting Primates Together

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is the largest coalition of wildlife centers and sanctuaries across Africa. With a network of 23 member organizations in 13 African countries, PASA serves as a united coalition fighting to protect and save humanity’s closest relatives from the brink of extinction.

Our chain of global experts addresses animal protection issues on a large scale and produces lasting changes to reduce suffering and abuse. The threats facing primates in Africa are multi-pronged, thus PASA works in different capacities on both local and global levels to halt the increasing loss of apes and monkeys.

Unless people around the world take action today, the great apes may be extinct in our lifetime. Join the fight for primate survival.

PASA works to address the long term threats to primates. The Alliance protects invaluable forest habitats and works to create new protected areas. By coordinating with law enforcement, we are able to crack down on wildlife crime.  Learn More >


The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) is the largest network of wildlife centers working to care for, rehabilitate, and release apes and monkeys that are victims of illegal hunting of endangered species, the illicit pet trade, and horrific abuse. PASA and our members work with local authorities and other organizations to facilitate rescues and ensure that primates being kept illegally are confiscated and brought to safety. Learn More > 

The Alliance conducts pioneering programs to teach children and adults in Africa about the importance of the environment and how they can protect wildlife. PASA members sponsor alternative livelihood programs to help people earn a living outside of poaching, trafficking, or exploiting habitatLearn More >


PASA strengthens the capacity of the centers by holding annual strategic development conferences. We also support advanced learning opportunites for veterinarieans and animal care staff at the sanctuaries to enable them to excel. Learn More >