Volunteering is a great way to make a difference! Whether you volunteer in Africa at a primate sanctuary or from the comfort of your own home, know that you are a vital part of the Alliance.

Volunteer at a Sanctuary

 If you have the time and – let’s face it – the stamina, think about volunteering at a sanctuary. Many sanctuaries are happy to have help with feeding and caring for the animals and maintaining the sanctuary. Please note that each sanctuary has different volunteer programs and availability.

Volunteer with PASA

If you’d rather volunteer from home to help rescue African primates and protect them from extinction, please consider joining PASA’s team of volunteers around the world. We’re always in need of people with skills in writing, fund-raising, marketing, social media and many other areas.

Opportunities for Specialists

Veterinary Volunteers In particular, if you’re a veterinarian who wants to work first-hand with African primates and gain experience with wildlife, volunteering at a PASA wildlife sanctuary can be a win-win situation. You can provide needed veterinary care for the animals, and, in return, you’ll have an invaluable experience and strengthen your skills. Learn more>

Conduct Research Many PASA member wildlife centers conduct non-invasive scientific research and permit behavioral researchers at their centers. Some can provide food and housing for researchers, some are near hotels and restaurants, and some are very remote. Learn more>