Limbe Wildlife Center hosts more than 4,500 visitors each year. Visitors can take guided or self-guided tours and buy souvenirs in the Center’s Gift Shop. There’s also a restaurant nearby.

Limbe Wildlife Center is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

As of publication time, the entrance fee is 500 CFA for nationals (about $1) and 3,000 CFA for all others (about $5). But check here for updated fees and news.


Limbe, Cameroon
Limbe Wildlife Center is a recovery and rehabilitation center for local wildlife in a coastal resort town. The Center currently cares for 15 gorillas, 44 chimpanzees, 8 baboons, 11 mandrills, 76 drills. 4 agile mangabeys, 7 red-capped mangabeys, 4 patas, 9 tantalus, 10 putty-nosed guenons, 12 mona monkeys, 1 moustached guenons and 3 red-eared guenons.

Long hours, repetitive work and challenging living conditions are the norm for volunteers. Located in a converted zoo, Limbe Wildlife Center emphasizes conservation, education, and the ongoing development of the facility.

Limbe is looking for volunteers even if they don’t have degrees or experience in animal husbandry. Construction, electrical and automotive skills are all needed. So are administrative, management, fundraising and public relations skills. And if you’ve done conservation or development work in Africa, it will be a plus.


Number of Volunteers
Typical Length of Stay
2 Weeks-1 Year
Minimum Stay
2 Weeks
Preferred Stay
3 Months
Short-term volunteers are only asked to have a strong interest in conservation and/or primates. There is no requirement to have a specific background or experience.

Long-term volunteers are expected to have a background or past experience in conservation, veterinary medicine, zoology, primatology, or any related fields that may be of use. 

For vet volunteers, we do offer surgeries and treatments as well.
Short-terms (2 weeks – 3 months) is 250 Euros per week. Longer term volunteers can discuss the fee during their interview with the Manager as it will depend on past experiences and background studies
Both English and French is spoken but a basic level of English is mandatory.
Near Sanctuary
Lunch is provided at the Center during working days and the rest will be at home and managed independently of the Center.
Volunteer Contact
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