Training Conservation Leaders

Through conferences and workshops, awards and recognitions – and through a vast network of global experts – PASA helps develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Conferences and Workshops

PASA’s Strategic Development Conference brings sanctuary leaders together to problem-solve and build capacity. Trainings cover diverse topics such as enclosure construction, disease prevention, financial planning, fundraising, and social media.

  • PASA funds the conference and travel fees for one person from every wildlife center (around $2,000 each) to ensure all members have access.

PASA has two recognition programs to identify and develop future leaders in Africa’s wildlife protection movement.

  • The Siddle Marsden Award is given annually to an African national working in a sanctuary or wildlife center that is part of the PASA network. It carries a stipend of $250, and the winner is invited to attend the SDC.
  • The Norm Rosen Leadership Grant is given to up-and-coming sanctuary leaders who receive this stipend for three years to foster sustained professional growth.


Primate Care Training Program

The Primate Care Training program brings cutting-edge techniques to PASA member sanctuaries. Instructors provide customized hands-on training to all the staff who work with primates.

Through this program, sanctuary staff can learn new ways to give medical treatment and care to great apes and monkeys recuperating from physical and emotional trauma.

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Coming Together to Stop Social Media Animal Cruelty

Social media channels may make it seem like primates work make good pets. But don’t believe it. Discover how we’re working in a coalition to take animal cruelty offline for good.

Celebrating the Amazing – and Endangered – Chimpanzee

In honor of World Chimpanzee Day, we’ve gathered facts and figures about these amazing animals. And we’re sharing some rescue stories that make our hearts sing.

Cryptocurrency and Conservation: A New Approach

For the last few months, we’ve been in conversations with a cryptocurrency called FEG Token. They are now an official PASA sponsor and have made a $1.1 million dollar pledge to us, in the cryptocurrency.

An Inside Look at Primate Rescues

What’s involved in rescuing a primate? More than you’d think! Read on to discover all that goes into this complex but rewarding work. 

Ensuring Great Care After the Rescue

The Primate Care Training program helps sanctuary teams stay sharp so that they can provide great care to rescued apes and monkeys. Here’s how it works.