Thank You for Protecting Victims of the Illegal Pet Trade


Provide food and life-saving medical care to a victim of the pet trade.

Click Here to Feed a Chimp

End the horrendous primate pet trade by helping to spread the word.

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You just saved lives!

Thank you so much for joining tens of thousands of other compassionate people who are demanding that social media giants Facebook and Google stop enabling the illegal pet trade.

By signing the petition, you’re telling the most influential tech companies in the world to crack down on illegal trade of primates on their platforms, which is decimating primate populations in Africa and beyond.

Right now, please do even more to amplify your impact and protect animals from unthinkably cruel fates.

  • Share the petition with everyone you know who loves animals or wants to protect African apes and monkeys, to help us find more passionate animal lovers like you. Click here to share on Facebook, on Twitter, and by email.
  • Give urgently needed food to an infant chimpanzee. Baby chimps are orphaned by hunters who slaughter every adult in their families. The lucky ones are saved by wildlife rescue centers. The unlucky ones become pets.

These chimps needs you now. Please rescue them by clicking this button:

Click Here to Feed a Chimp