Thank you for supporting PASA Alliance members during the COVID-19 crisis! 

You just did something amazing.

Your gift is a vital contribution and ensures sanctuaries have access to the food and medical supplies they desperately need. Thank you for donating during this unprecedented time of need.

Here are some easy ways to do even more to rescue African wildlife:

Share with your friends online
Tell your friends and family about your support for PASA and our campaign to stop cruel photos and videos of pet primates on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram! Click here to post on Facebook, click here to post on Twitter and click here to send an email about how you’re saving the lives of endangered wildlife.

Also, be sure to follow PASA on Facebook and Twitter. You can spread the word by sharing PASA’s posts and inviting your Facebook friends to follow PASA.

Start a fundraiser and get sponsored!
Ask friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor you in almost any activity, such as climbing a mountain, going on a diet, shaving your head, stopping smoking, or doing a long-distance walk, bike ride, or run. Find out more about this fun way to help!

Ask people to donate for your birthday!
Instead of gathering more presents that you don’t need, why not ask people to rescue great apes instead? This can inspire young people to think about helping others on their birthdays.

Wear PASA merchandise
Show everyone that you’re helping African wildlife by wearing a PASA t-shirt!

Read about other ways you can help

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