You Just Saved the Life of One of Our Closest Relatives

You just did something amazing. Because of you, a PASA member wildlife center in Africa will be able to give a baby chimpanzee the food he or she needs to survive.

Chimpanzees, along with bonobos, are our closest living relatives. We share over 98% of our DNA with chimps, so it’s fair to say that we are 98% chimpanzee and chimps are 98% human.

Despite this close relationship, illegal hunting, deforestation, and the illicit wildlife trade are driving chimpanzees toward extinction. By donating, you made an important decision to save these species and stop the suffering.

Please click these buttons to tell your friends and family that you’re supporting the campaign to fight illegal hunting and protect chimps from extinction. Let’s not allow our closest relative disappear before our eyes.

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