Rescuing from Cruelty

Rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintroducing animals to the wild

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance’s wildlife centers work closely with government agencies to rescue wildlife from cruel and abusive situations. They then rehabilitate the animals, often providing extensive veterinary treatment and helping them overcome the emotional trauma they’ve endured. The centers currently care for almost 3,000 great apes and monkeys who have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade or orphaned by the illegal hunting of endangered species.

The wildlife centers give many of these animals lifelong loving care. Most centers reintroduce the primates to their natural habitats when possible, which is typically a long and painstaking process. PASA wildlife centers are pioneers in primate releases and PASA holds reintroduction workshops to help them share their expertise.

This lifesaving work is only possible with your support. Please donate today to rescue an ape or monkey from cruelty.