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Right now, a helpless chimp is locked in a tiny, filthy cage. You can free them – donate now.

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Forced to live in horrific circumstances for 12 years…

When I first learned about Joanna and Rikita over two years ago, I was appalled by the barbaric conditions they lived in. The floors of their cages were packed with garbage and filth and had no drainage.

PASA and our partners IFAW and Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center worked hard to rescue Joana and Rikita from this nightmare. Thanks to your support and dedication, we were able to bring Joana and Rikita, along with a baby chimp Tina, to a rehabilitation center.

Rescue & Care for Wildlife
Countless great apes and monkeys are orphaned by bushmeat hunters, kept as illegal pets in cramped cages, or smuggled to China or the Middle East.

As the largest alliance of wildlife centers in Africa, PASA is in a unique position to rescue primates from inhumane and abusive situations and ensure they receive excellent lifelong care.

Save a primate – please donate today. They desperately need you.

How Do We Do It?

Rescues: PASA International enables rescues of great apes and monkeys from horrific cruelty by working with our worldwide network, local authorities, and our member wildlife centers.

The centers help them recover from the trauma they endured and let them live in large forest enclosures and form natural social groups.

Whenever possible, the animals are reintroduced to the wild. When this isn’t an option, the wildlife centers’ expert staff give lifelong, loving care.

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Medical care: PASA International donates veterinary supplies, equipment, and medications that enable wildlife centers to provide the highest standards of care.

Consultation: PASA’s global network provides training, expert assistance, and emergency support.

Accreditation: PASA accredits all of our member wildlife centers to help them provide excellent care and be as effective as possible. Furthermore, PASA accreditation gives centers credibility. We use a pioneering system of operational, veterinary, animal welfare, and conservation standards.