Remember PASA in Your Will
Little Misha became an orphan when her mother was killed for bushmeat. Too small to be slaughtered, Misha was sold as a pet in a local village where children routinely abused her. Because of the efforts of PASA and our member wildlife centers, she has been rescued and will soon be transported to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Let your money help great apes and monkeys like Misha when you no longer need it. Most of us don’t give much thought to making a Will. After all, we lead busy lives and a Will feels like something to consider in the years ahead. However, writing a Will is the only way you can be sure that your assets will be distributed as you want, benefiting the people and causes dear to you.

Updating my Will to include PASA only took a few minutes. Now I know that my money will protect great apes from extinction when I don’t need it anymore. I hope you’ll join me by remembering Africa’s primates in your Will.  — Gregg Tully 
Please consider joining PASA’s Legacy Circle

PASA’s Legacy Circle is a group of supporters who have chosen to mention PASA in their Wills and provide funds that ensure our efforts will persist until the hunting of endangered species and the illicit wildlife trade have stopped.

By doing so you will make an extraordinary and lasting difference for the primates of Africa. You will provide the long-term funding we depend on to rescue apes and monkeys from horrific situations and protect our closest relatives from extinction.

Kindly make this very special gift by remembering the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance in your Will. You’ll save countless lives like Misha’s.

Bequests are crucial to the long-term wellbeing of PASA and we urgently need you to take this important step and ensure our vital work will continue.

A bequest is a decision you can make today about what happens with your money when you no longer need it. It doesn’t have any impact on you during your lifetime, so everyone can do it whether wealthy or not. You can write your Will to ensure your heirs are provided for and leave the remainder to charity. It’s surprisingly easy to add PASA to your Will – only an amendment or codicil is needed.

If you have already mentioned PASA in your Will, please let us know so we can thank you personally and include you in the Legacy Circle.

For information about joining our Legacy Circle by including PASA in your Will or to receive an information package, please contact Gregg Tully at +1 971 712 8360 or gregg@pasa.org.

There are other ways to leave a legacy for PASA than through your Will. Please discuss the possibilities with a lawyer or financial planner.
  • You can establish a charitable trust that provides you with lifetime income while benefiting your heirs and PASA.
  • By donating highly appreciated stock and real estate, you can provide particularly valuable tax advantages to you and your heirs.
  • You can also name PASA as the beneficiary of your retirement fund or insurance policy.
You gift will rescue and treat animals in need, and may also enjoy the following benefits:
  • Cost little or nothing now;
  • Reduce estate tax;
  • Bypass capital gains tax and/or income tax;
  • Provide income to you;
  • Benefit your family.

Click here to download samples of bequest language which you can discuss with a lawyer or financial planner.

Contact us today to discuss how you might choose to make a gift that saves lives for many years to come.