A center that rescues baboons, vervet monkeys, and many other species.

By tackling some of the most urgent challenges from different angles and by joining forces with individuals and organisations across society Lilongwe Wildlife Centre can make a difference for people and wildlife. Whether it’s partnering with other NGOs to rescue wild animals from traps and snares, supporting government departments to create stronger environmental policies or working with communities to teach children the value and power of nature, Lilongwe knows that together, we are stronger. Visit Website.

Species cared for:

Baboons, vervet monkeys and other species

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The Wildlife Centre rescues around 100 animals a year, and is currently home to almost 200, including vervet and blue monkeys, baboons, servals, antelope and a variety of reptiles and birds.  Volunteers are critical to the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals at the Centre and assignments are carefully matched to your skills. They also offer vet externships, medical courses and research placements.


Located in the heart of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre welcomes about 35,000 visitors each year. The Centre is located in a 180-acre protected nature reserve which is home to a beautiful forest and river as well as wild populations of birds, monkeys, duikers, bush pigs and even hyenas. Visitor attractions include a network of walking trails, an on-site cafe and gift shop, an arboretum and an education centre. 

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When you donate to Lilongwe through PASA your gift goes directly to rehabilitating monkeys in Malawi.