A center that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases six species of primates.

Colobus Conservation promotes the conservation, preservation and protection of six primate species, and especially the Vulnerable Angolan colobus monkey and its coastal forest habitat in south eastern Kenya. Visit Website.

Species cared for:

Colobus, Vervet, Sykes’s Monkeys, Baboons, Greater and Dwarf Galagos

Allows visitors:


Accepts volunteers:




Interested in Visiting or Volunteering?


Carry out primate and forest conservation overlooking the beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Colobus Conservation welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills including: artistic ability, teaching, photography, GIS, botany, as well as people interested in data collection on wild primate groups and primate care.


Come for a Guided Primate Eco-Tour, the only one in the country! Guides will take you on a guided walk along the nature trail for a personal introduction to a wild colobus troop and our other wild monkeys – vervets, sykes and baboons. You will view monkeys in rehabilitation preparing for release back to the wild.

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Support Colobus Conservation

When you donate to Colobus Conservation through PASA your gift goes directly to caring for injured monkeys in Kenya.