The Jane Goodall Institute South Africa’s sanctuary for rescued chimps.

Situated within the beautiful 1,000 hectare Umhloti Nature Reserve, 15 kilometres outside Nelspruit, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) South Africa Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to chimps that have been displaced from their natural habitats in Africa. Visit Website.

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South Africa

Interested in Visiting or Volunteering?


As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside knowledgeable staff to prepare chimp diets, cleaning animal enclosures, providing enrichment and behavioral observation.

Chimp Eden offers a unique opportunity to see chimpanzees in semi-wild enclosures. The chimps show normal social interaction and behavioral patterns despite their traumatic backgrounds. 


The chimp tour guide talks about chimpanzees, the sanctuary, and introduces the individual chimps and their stories – from the safety of the viewing points. 

Here, you can get up close with chimpanzees. They roam in large, outdoor enclosures where visitors can visit and watch at feeding times.



Want more information? Visit their website to learn more.

Support Chimp Eden

When you donate to Chimp Eden through PASA your gift goes directly to caring for chimpanzees in South Africa.