Please Give Animals the Best Possible Care

The Primate Care Training Program makes it possible for caregivers to give traumatized animals a second chance at happiness.

The 23 member organizations of PASA rescue great apes and monkeys from unthinkable suffering. Many of the animals were orphaned by bushmeat hunters, some were crammed into small boxes to be smuggled overseas, and others were illegally held as pets in abusive situations.

High quality care is crucial to these animals, many of whom require specialized treatment to recover from the physical and psychological trauma they endured.

PASA is sending highly experienced instructors to the sanctuaries to provide customized training for all the animal care staff. Our goal is to empower the sanctuaries to give animals the best possible care.

PASA started the Primate Care Training program to bring cutting-edge techniques to PASA member sanctuaries. Now sanctuary staff are learning new ways to give medical treatment and dedicated care to great apes and monkeys recuperating from lives of unspeakable abuse and trauma.


HELP Congo gives long-term care to chimpanzees rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, the bushmeat trade, and other cruelty. Yombe, one of HELP Congo’s oldest males, is just one of the animals to benefit from the Primate Care Training Program. When he was a baby, his left leg was caught in a vicious metal trap. He was rescued and brought to HELP Congo, where he became the dominant male in his group despite only having one leg. However, his remaining leg was seriously injured this June and he couldn’t walk or even collect food. We didn’t know if he was going to pull through.

Carmen Vidal, a Primate Care Training instructor, went to HELP Congo through this program to train Yves, Bienvenu, Ntadi, and Sylveres every morning from 5:00 until 6:30 am. Together, Carmen and the team performed a difficult surgery which saved Yombe’s life.

After six weeks of recovery, Yombe is strong and healthy again! He has joined a new chimp family on another island, where he’s spending his days in the sunshine and trees. Please donate today to improve the well-being of animals like Yombe who have been saved from tragedy.