Raise Money to Save Animals in Need!

Start a Fundraising Campaign to Save Primates

Thank you so much for your interest in helping Africa’s great apes and monkeys. “Friend to friend” or “peer to peer” fundraising is an invaluable way to raise money and awareness. By leveraging the generosity of your community, you can have an increased impact on primate conservation and save lives.

Creating a fundraising page is easier than ever with Classy. All you need to do is click “Become a Fundraiser” and create a free account to manage your campaign. Once you have an account, follow the prompts from Classy to set a goal, personalize your page, and invite family, friends, and other generous people to donate.

You can also ask people to sponsor you in almost any activity. Offering an exciting reward such as shaving your head (or growing a beard!), stopping smoking, or doing a long-distance run can really motivate people.

A great way to fundraise is to “donate your birthday” and ask people to contribute to PASA instead of giving you gifts. Create a simple fundraising page through Classy, and let your family and friends protect great apes and monkeys in honor of you!


 Here are some tips to make sure your fundraising campaign is a success:

  • Make it your campaign! Show how excited you are to undertake the challenge, why you’re doing it, and why you’re passionate about primates! People will donate because they care about you, so make it personal; don’t just paste in general information. Include photos of yourself.
  • Tell all your friends, family, and colleagues about your fundraiser – repeatedly. It isn’t enough to ask them to donate once or twice. Give regular updates about your progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and other social media sites) as well as by email. This will keep your supporters engaged and may even motivate them to start their own fundraisers!
  • Encourage people to share your posts and emails, to maximize your impact. Embrace the hashtag!
  • Find a buddy! Pairing up with a partner can double your impact and keep you motivated to the finish line!
  • Set a fundraising target and a deadline (even if you just make them up), to create a sense of urgency and motivate people to give more.
  • Publicly thank your donors and tell them how much their support means to you (and to the great apes and monkeys in Africa!). This makes them feel good and it convinces other people to give.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to call family members who may not follow social media.
  • Ask your employers to match what you raise for PASA. Many companies love to see that their employees are passionate about supporting a cause.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact PASA at info@pasa.org if you have questions, have problems, or are hitting a roadblock with your progress.
  • Most importantly – have fun! Excitement is contagious and your friends and family want to see that you’re having fun with your fundraiser.
A harrowing tale …
Adding to the excitement of climbing the challenging 923 metres high Crib Goch ridge in Wales, a PASA volunteer asked friends and family to make a small donation in support of her dangerous climb.
In addition to giving many words of encouragement for the climb and sharing information on the predicament of primates, they smashed the donation target by nearly 300%!!!
A touching example of how a small but generous group of people can really make a difference by supporting one of its members and at the same time raise funds to protect wild African primate populations.