Ngamba Island Flooding

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to 48 rescued chimps on Lake Victoria in Uganda. It stands in the largest tropical lake on Earth, making this “chimp haven” extremely vulnerable to weather disasters.

The most recent El Nino was one of the strongest on record. Extreme El Nino rains have caused the lake to rise to the highest levels anyone can remember, flooding the island and putting the sanctuary’s chimpanzees in serious danger.

In December 2015, PASA gave a crisis grant to Ngamba Island to make it possible to build an emergency retaining wall. This wall prevented severe damage to the sanctuary’s facilities, and let essential care continue to be given to the rescued chimpanzees that call this sanctuary home.

PASA helped Ngamba Island raise money to repair damage from the flooding and build structures to protect the sanctuary facilities from future floods.

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