Mandrill - the most colorful primate - Olive green or dark grey fur with yellow and black bands, a white belly and hairless face.
Infographics and Posters

The bushmeat industry, loss of habitat, and illegal wildlife trade pose formidable threats to African primates. PASA’s struggle to save our planet’s primates can only be successful with your support.

You are their hope for the future.

The Situation

Many primates are on the path to extinction…

Infographic / Poster for Risk of African Primate Extinction. The bushmeat crisis, habitat destruction, and illegal wildlife trade.


They need our help…

Infographic / Poster: PASA Pan African Sanctuary Alliance's member organizations' goal to Help Save African Great Apes.


Only with your support can PASA ensure primates have a bright future…

Hope for Future. BAboon, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Bush Baby, Columbus, Guenon, Mandrill, Bonobo, Drill Monkey, Mangabey, Vervet.

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On behalf of those who have no voice, please help.



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