Empowering Communities

Education and community development

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance’s wildlife centers conduct public education and outreach programs in schools, in communities, and at their centers, across 13 African countries. Topics include conservation, animal welfare, and the impact of their actions on their environment. By reaching out to local children and their parents, we empower communities to value and protect local wildlife and their habitats, making a long-term impact on the conservation of wildlife.

Together, PASA wildlife centers educate more than 500,000 children and adults every year about the importance of wildlife and the natural environment.

Nearly half of PASA members conduct community development projects which have the goal of reducing the exploitation of forests, illegal wildlife trade, and destruction of other natural resources. These programs are diverse in order to address the resource and limitations of each community. They include building schools and health posts and providing clean water and efficient wood stoves. The centers also give training in alternative livelihoods to uplift communities near wildlife habitat and enable them to earn a living without illegally hunting wildlife or stealing resources from protected forests. Additionally, the wildlife centers employ more than 500 people in Africa and generate over US$5 million every year in local economies.

The wildlife centers can’t continue these programs without you. Will you make it possible for African communities to live without causing great apes and their habitat to disappear forever?