Saving Species through Entertainment

This groundbreaking program will inspire millions of Africans. But we can only do it with your help.

Nature for Kids is a nonprofit that makes excellent, entertaining films for African children that have messages about wildlife conservation and environmental protection. They produced a series of films about a boy who has adventures in his village and the forest which teach him the importance of protecting great apes.

In a pilot program, Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, a PASA member organization in Cameroon, persuaded the national train system to show these films on the TVs that are attached to the ceilings of railroad cars. In only two months, the films were shown to 75,000 people.

Sanaga-Yong then formed an agreement with Cameroon’s national TV network, which aired the films to an audience of hundreds of thousands of people!

Following this tremendous success, PASA got permission to show over a dozen exciting films with messages about protecting African wildlife and their habitat. Now we’re expanding the program to more African nations. Eight more PASA member organizations in seven countries will soon show the films to communities near vital primate habitat, at their wildlife centers, on public transportation, and on TV, and more organizations will join the program soon.

This urgently needed program will only be possible because of you.

The Edutainment Films Program will inspire and educate millions of people across Africa about wildlife conservation, which will reduce the widespread exploitation of wildlife habitat, illegal wildlife trafficking, and the horrific bushmeat trade.

With your donation today, you’re teaching millions of people in Africa to protect wildlife.