You can make a difference for victims of the pet trade!

Five chimps, each a victim of the illegal bushmeat and live pet trades, are currently held in deeply unsafe conditions in Guinea-Bissau, a country in West Africa. Fifi has been kept in a small cage for over a decade. Julio is spending his days tied to a window. Tze lives with a rope around his neck, tied to a tree at a hotel. All are completely alone. But now is their chance to be free.

With no wildlife sanctuary in Guinea-Bissau, it has been extremely difficult to get these chimps the high-quality care they need. But now, with ground-breaking cooperation from the Guinea-Bissau and Liberia governments, we have everything in place to move them to Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection, a spacious chimpanzee sanctuary in neighboring Liberia. Moving one chimp out of a country is extremely difficult. Five? It’s almost unheard of.

After years of effort, PASA and our partners in Liberia and Guinea-Bissau finally have a chance to break open their cages. All that’s left is your support.

Double Your Donation Today and Free Five Chimps from Captivity

With your generosity, Tze, Fifi, Julio, Simao and Tita will be free!

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