Gorillas desperately need your help! Protect them on World Gorilla Day.

Gorillas, the gentle giants of the primate kingdom, could be gone in our lifetimes. A perfect storm of forces threatens their very existence. The mountains and forests they love are disappearing due to climate change and human development. They are hunted for trophiess, their head and feet are especially popular, and as bushmeat, leaving more orphan gorillas. These babies need a chance to build a new life at a sanctuary where they can be safe from harm. 

Your donation today will provide vital support to protect these precious animals. When you donate, the money will help cover veterinary costs, help traumatized orphans learn how to forage in the forest, and develop the social skills to integrate into new gorilla families.

Save Gorillas Today

This World Gorilla Day, be a champion for gorillas.

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