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Two orphaned gorillas are waiting to meet their new families – but they need you to make it a reality!

Niout and Maya are orphans of the bushmeat trade and were brought to the Fernan-vaz gorilla project (FVGP) in Gabon earlier this year, via helicopter! PASA member FVGP rehabilitates orphaned and rescued gorillas with the aim of returning them to the wild. Niout and Maya have just finished their quarantine period and are now ready to join their new family – a group of nine gorillas currently living freely on an island at the sanctuary. However, before this can happen, we need to build a safe integration enclosure on the island – this means that Niout and Maya will be able to stay within the safety of an enclosure while they are introduced to the other gorillas. Once they are all comfortable with each other, caregivers can open the doors and they can finally be free on the island.

Will you help Niout and Maya join their new family today? FVGP desperately needs to raise $40,000 to build this enclosure – without your help, Niout and Maya will not be able to join the other gorillas on the island. 

Once this enclosure is built, it will mean gorilla orphans that come to FVGP will be able to safely join the island and have a chance at being released to the wild! Wild gorilla populations are declining rapidly because of habitat loss, poaching and the wildlife trade, so every gorilla we can save and return to the wild makes a huge difference. This enclosure is the last piece needed to allow orphans Niout and Maya to finally have a new family – will you help them today?

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Together we’re changing the game for African primates.

By donating cryto, you are supporting vital efforts to save apes and monkeys from extinction.

FAQs about giving Crypto

Why give crypto? Depending on your country of residence, donating crypto currencies can reduce your tax burden. When you donate crypto to PASA, there’s no capital gains tax to pay, and you can deduct the full value from your income taxes as allowed by law. To learn more about the tax-efficiency of donating crypto, please speak with a tax professional.

How does PASA process donations? You can donate Bitcoin, Ether, and other major cryptocurrencies to PASA through Bitpay. If you would like to donate in a currency that is not supported by Bitpay, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with an alternative wallet. When we receive your crypto donation, your funds are immediately converted info fiat and used to protect great apes and monkeys.

Does PASA provide tax receipts? Yes! As long as you provide an email address with your crypto donation, our team will send you a tax receipt.

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PASA is committed to finding innovative ways to fund the future of Africa’s great apes and monkeys. That’s why we’re working with cryptocurrency projects in different capacities. PASA is excited to have FEG Token as our first official crypto sponsor. PASA is grateful for this new avenue to generate exponential support – because African primates face threats that will take a whole new approach to solve, and there’s no time to lose. We can’t let these remarkable animals go extinct on our watch.

PASA welcomes conversations with other cryptocurrencies eager to be heroes for great apes and monkeys. Please contact us at info@pasa.org.

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