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Together we’re changing the game for African primates.

By donating cryto, you are supporting vital efforts to save apes and monkeys from extinction.

FAQs about giving Crypto

Why give crypto? Depending on your country of residence, donating crypto currencies can reduce your tax burden. When you donate crypto to PASA, there’s no capital gains tax to pay, and you can deduct the full value from your income taxes as allowed by law. To learn more about the tax-efficiency of donating crypto, please speak with a tax professional.

How does PASA process donations? You can donate Bitcoin, Ether, and other major cryptocurrencies to PASA through Bitpay. If you would like to donate in a currency that is not supported by Bitpay, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with an alternative wallet. When we receive your crypto donation, your funds are immediately converted info fiat and used to protect great apes and monkeys.

Does PASA provide tax receipts? Yes! As long as you provide an email address with your crypto donation, our team will send you a tax receipt.

How Your Donations Are Spent

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