Environmental Education:

Fostering a love of primates and pride in the land. 

PASA members offer a wide range of programs to help young and old discover the wonder of African primates.


Nearly all PASA members conduct public education and outreach programs in schools, communities, and at their centers, across 13 African countries.

Topics include conservation, animal welfare, and the impact of humans on their environment. By reaching out to local children and their parents, we empower communities to value and protect local wildlife and their habitats, making a long-term impact on the conservation of wildlife.

From sports teams to school kids to college students, PASA member environmental education programs reach over 500,000 people each year. 

Our Programs 

PASA sponsors two large scale programs to support environmental education in Africa.

Kids for Compassionate Conservation – These books  profile African heroes working for PASA member sanctuaries who are on the frontlines of wildlife rescue and care. 

Edutainment Films Program – These films inspire and educate communities across Africa about wildlife conservation, and issues such as the loss of wild land, illegal wildlife trafficking, and the bushmeat trade.

Kids for Compassionate Conservation

Edutainment Films

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PASA turns 23! It’s 2023 and we’re asking you to help us celebrate our 23 member sanctuaries and our 23 years of protecting primates. To mark this day, we are launching our Primates Forever Campaign to ensure magnificent great apes and monkeys remain wild and protected.