Educating Future Conservators

Children of Conservation is an independent registered nonprofit that recognizes the value of PASA and its work to empower wildlife centers. Using a pioneering approach, Children of Conservation is conserving wildlife by providing scholarships to the children of staff of PASA member organizations.

A Unique Approach

Children of Conservation is dedicated to the conservation and protection of endangered species in developing countries through education, habitat preservation and wildlife sanctuary support. Children of Conservation believes that lasting change requires a global and holistic approach. So their projects are designed to creatively help animals, as well as benefit the local people working tirelessly to protect these creatures, preserve their habitat, and end the devastating bushmeat trade.

CofCLogoSince public funding for schooling in many developing countries ends at the second grade, many bright and intelligent children grow up illiterate and unable to improve their station in life. That’s why Children of Conservation introduced their scholarship program. Most recipients are children of wildlife sanctuary workers, but some also come from neighboring villages that provide protection for wildlife. In some cases, our scholarships are the consideration given in exchange for a binding agreement with a village chief to ban poaching and promote wildlife protection.

A Better Education, a Better Future

Children of Conservation focuses on educating children who learn the value of preserving their natural resources every day from their conservation-minded parents. The scholarships are heralded in the community as a tremendous bonus for hard work and dedication to the cause of protecting wildlife. The end result is better care for the animals and a culture where the future leaders have a strong background in conservation.

Children of Conservation’s programs are not about generating impressive numbers, but about offering lasting opportunities. Rather than providing a multitude of one-year scholarships, their recipients are guaranteed support through high school graduation as long as they meet the necessary academic performance requirements. They started their program in 2010 with 18 scholarship recipients from Limbe, Cameroon. The next year, the added another 13 kids, and by 2015, they were sponsoring 79 children at seven sanctuaries in four different African countries.

Every scholarship means another voice and another life devoted to saving endangered species. As Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Click here to find out more about Children of Conservation’s unique approach.