Six Simple Ways Anyone Can Help Save Africa’s Primates

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your life that make a difference toward saving Africa’s primates.

by Natasha Tworoski

There are many threats facing our planet’s wildlife and it can often feel despairing to read about the magnitude of challenges that lay ahead. It is important to remember that many people making small changes will add up quickly! Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your life that make a difference toward saving Africa’s primates.

1) Start a fundraiser
Have a birthday coming up or planning to complete a major life event, like running a marathon? Consider asking the people in your life to make a donation in your honor to PASA or one of its 23 member organizations located across Africa. All of our members give a high level of care to their primates, provide educational outreach opportunities and are working to conserve the wild counterparts. You can’t go wrong!

2) Recycle old cell phones
In each cell phone, there is a substance called cobalt. Mined in the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, harvesting this valuable mineral leads to major habitat destruction and often an increase in local illegal bushmeat harvesting. Additionally, many of these mines are illegal operations and dispute over access to these mines have resulted in decades of political unrest. By limiting how frequently we buy a new cell phone and by recycling any old phones we have, we are taking the demand for cobalt away and protecting many primate species, including chimpanzees and gorillas, as well as improving a serious humanitarian crisis.

3) Use sustainable palm oil products
Palm oil farming is no longer only causing habitat destruction in Indonesia and Malaysia. The huge demand for this product has resulted in plantations being started across Africa as well. Since other alternative oils that could potentially replace palm oil would likely cause even more environmental damage when produced in huge quantities, supporting verified sustainable palm oil options are the best option to give incentive to more plantations becoming environmentally friendly. Read more about it here.

4) Donate a small amount of money
Everyone making a small donation can add up quickly and PASA greatly depends on numerous small contributions. If you can spare a little cash each month, think about setting up an automatic donation here. Little amounts each month go a long way towards making a difference.

5) Sign our petition
The demand for endangered bushmeat is not just in Africa, but is also being smuggled into Europe and the U.S. It is estimated 20,000 pounds is being illegally brought into the U.S. every year. Help us put pressure on U.S. customs to crack down on this problem by signing PASA’s petition here.

6) Spread the word
It is important to know what the current threats are to African primates and to spread the word to gain support. Utilizing social media to tell friends and family the numerous threats facing primates will help garner much needed support. Just click “share!”

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