Celebrate 23 Years of PASA in 2023

PASA turns 23! It’s 2023 and we’re asking you to help us celebrate our 23 member sanctuaries and our 23 years of protecting primates. To mark this day, we are launching our Primates Forever Campaign to ensure magnificent great apes and monkeys remain wild and protected.

By: PASA Staff

23 years ago, the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) was created out of a shared love of primates and determination to protect them forever. Now 23 sanctuaries strong, we are working together to care for and champion the survival of Africa’s apes and monkeys.

PASA wouldn’t exist today if not for our founding members who came together in the year 2000. These founding sanctuaries recognized the need for a uniting force to increase communication on the largest threats facing primates. To this day, PASA remains committed to our members, aiming to support their work and tackle the underlying issues driving the loss of primates in Africa.

Our 23 member sanctuaries save lives every day. They know what the issues are, and they know what needs to be done to improve the situation in their region. By working directly with our members to strategize and listening to their local knowledge, we are able to start highly effective programs and create lasting change.

The backbreaking and heart wrenching work of each PASA member sanctuary is awe inspiring and saves the lives of hundreds of rescued primates. But what few recognize is the vital connection and participation of the sanctuaries in the combating the illegal wildlife trade. PASA is proud to support the work of so many conservation heroes.

As we look back on the last 23 years of PASA, it’s clear that we’ve accomplished a great deal. Thousands of animals have been saved by the Alliance, and countless more in the wild through our collaborative programs.  Millions of people around the world have been inspired to join the fight to save primates from extinction. But, there is so much more to do and we need your help. With illegal trafficking and animal cruelty still rampant, we must fight back even harder to protect Primates Forever.

Join our Primates Forever Campaign!

In 2023, let’s band together and make the greatest impact yet for our 23 sanctuary members and the great apes and monkeys they work to protect. For the first time, you can create a fundraising campaign page for PASA and leverage the combined generosity of your family and friends.

It’s quick and easy to create your campaign page, and we will be offering helpful templates and tips to help you reach your goal. You can learn more about how to be an effective campaigner and make the largest impact here.

We are also excited to say that each campaigner will be entered into a drawing to win a surprise PASA merchandise package. And, as a sincere thank you for helping us, if you get 23 people to give $20 or more, you’ll get a personal invitation to a virtual event this Summer and have the unique opportunity to speak to our team members on the ground and hear about our latest rescues directly. 

By joining our Primates Forever Campaign, you can directly support the work of PASA and ensure a wild future for great apes and monkeys throughout Africa. Take a few minutes and create your campaign page today!