Alternative Livelihoods:

Growing Economic Opportunity through Conservation

PASA members help those living near vital primate habitat learn new skills while protecting primates. 

Our Approach

Earning a living wage is one of the best ways to prevent the illegal trade in primates. So PASA works with our members to develop and launch community development projects that give local people new ways to earn money and feed their families. Sanctuaries are able to form strong bonds with communities by engaging them in conservation initiatives, proving that we are stonger together.
We help them connect with companies and organizations that have the resources needed, and support them throughout the project. Many of our members have long running programs in reforestation, beekeeping, farming, and sewing handicrafts.

How PASA members work with communities


Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center, in D.R. Congo, sponsored a coffee growing initiative to improve the livelihoods of people living near an area of critical biodiversity.


Several PASA members train local residents in sustainable bee keeping practices, and support to grow their businesses. Photo from Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.


Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, in Sierra Leone, has a mangrove conservation project which empowers women from communities around the mangrove swamps to learn sustainable oyster harvesting.

Sanctuaries in Africa Face Water Shortages

Sanctuaries and their communities are facing increased water shortages in Africa. That’s why PASA is working to find water access solutions.

The Climate Crisis Hits African Primates Hard

The climate crisis is devastating African primates. Our new report investigates – and shows how sanctuaries are fighting back.

Conservation Efforts Safeguard African Wildlife and Habitat

African primates face interrelated environmental threats. That’s why wildlife conservation is integral to PASA member sanctuaries’ work.

PASA Welcomes Kelly O’Meara as New Executive Director

Kelly O’Meara joins the Alliance as PASA’s new Executive Director. Her leadership will be instrumental in the fight to protect primates.

Sanctuaries Build a Greener Future

PASA members are on the front lines of restoring habitat and building a greener future for their communities.