Help Us End the Illegal Chimp Trade


Action for Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are one of the most iconic victims of the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) crisis. Because of inadequate law enforcement and inaction by governments, the illegal trade in great apes is a low-risk and lucrative business. Thousands of chimpanzees are taken from the wild each year to fill the demand for pets, tourist attractions, bushmeat, and body parts, which may generate up to US$6.4 million annually for those involved in the illicit supply chain.

PASA hosted a Conference on Western Chimpanzee Trafficking to reduce the trade in critically endangered western chimpanzees. During this conference, PASA formed crucial relationships with government agencies of the participating countries as well as locally-based conservation organizations. Together, we will create a work plan and implement several programs to combat the IWT. Raising awareness within communities and working to increase law enforcement action against traffickers are high priorities for this program.

PASA is partnering with local governments and conservation organizations to identify poaching hotspots and common trafficking routes in order to direct law enforcement and disrupt trafficking routes. We are also working to sensitize law enforcement officials and train prosecutors to increase legal action against wildlife traffickers. To produce long-lasting change, PASA is working on a region-wide, large-scale public awareness campaign that will reduce the human behaviors that negatively impact chimpanzees. With a multifaceted approach, PASA is fighting to reduce the trade in endangered chimpanzees.