Created in 2000, the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) is the largest association of wildlife centers and sanctuaries in Africa, consisting of 23 organizations in 13 countries. Each Alliance member is securing the future for Africa’s primates by rescuing and caring for orphaned and abused apes and monkeys and protecting endangered primates from extinction. PASA International unifies the Alliance and advocates for them on an international scale, provides vital support, and works closely with them to raise awareness globally about threats to wildlife.

PASA brings together a unique coalition of primate sanctuaries and wildlife centers, local-to-global NGO partners, specialized experts, and compassionate supporters — united by our determination to protect African primates forever.

Job Openings

The Alliance is made up of dedicated professionals who use their expertise to protect primates in Africa. We advertise employment positions at PASA International and at our member sanctuaries in Africa.

Join our Job Board Google Group for email notifications when opportunities become available.

We encourage anyone interested in working with PASA to look into our volunteer opportunities while waiting for positions to become available. Volunteering is a great way to familiarize yourself with our organization and gain valuable experience.