About Us

PASA brings together a unique coalition of primate sanctuaries and wildlife centers, local-to-global NGO partners, specialized experts, and compassionate supporters — united by our determination to protect African primates forever.

About Us

PASA brings together a unique alliance united by our determination to protect African primates forever.

We envision a future where Africa’s great apes and monkeys can once again flourish in the wild.

Until that day, our members provide the highest standard of care to primates in need.

Our Approach

As an alliance, we address both the welfare and conservation priorities, delivering critical care to imperiled primates, while addressing the threats to their survival:

Critical care—Primate rescue, life-long care, rehabilitation & release, emergency support (natural disaster, human conflict, disease).

Long-term threats—Habitat loss, poaching & illegal trafficking, human behaviors (hunting, pets, entertainment), climate change.

Improving animal welfare

PASA members rescue great apes and monkeys, provide immediate care, and rehabilitate them at accredited wildlife sanctuaries across Africa.

Investing in communities

PASA members offer environmental education and alternative livelihood programs that bring living wages to local communities.

Tackling long-term threats

PASA members work with law enforcement agencies to arrest wildlife traffickers, confiscate illegally captured animals and give them lifelong care. 

We’d love to hear from you

If you have any questions about the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, our work to protect humanity’s closest relatives from extinction and cruelty, or how you can help, please get in touch.



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The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax I.D. number (EIN) is 22-3878683.